We offer White Label SEO Services, simply meaning we do all the work, you get all the credit.

Content Summary

  1. Reports & Software
  2. Invoicing
  3. Competitor Pricing
  4. Suggested Pricing
  5. Commission
  6. Local Mail
  7. Marketing 

1 Reports & Software

Each month each client gets emailed a report on work done that month, normally a manual report and also a report from the software I use with some metrics included. CC’ing your in all emails. Reports are normally emailed anytime from 20th to the last day of the month, the automated report is normally on the 1st of every month for the previous month.

Your clients will also get a login where they can check rankings and for each client your agency also gets a login.

2 Invoicing

I normally send out invoices anytime from the 20th of each month… a client is required to give only 14 days notice before month end to cancel their contract. I send you an invoice directly, separately for each client, you do your own invoicing, collect the money and you can either pay all at once or pay as the clients pays you (preferred)… also, don’t worry, I know people are difficult sometimes for various reasons… so saying that, any budget is adjustable (instead of loosing a client) let them rather lower their budget. A Budget can also be adjusted upwards. If for some reason a client do not pay you, I won’t hold your agency responsible, just let me know there were issues and they want to cancel, so no risk to you.

3 Competitor Pricing

We would need to do a bit of research to see your the average price for SEO is in your location.

4 Suggested Pricing 

This is something I will put forward once we done some research.

6 Commission

I work in a 3 month cycle

Example, Q 1 ie JAN – MAR 10% comm on the first client, 15% on the 2nd client and from the third client 20% for the duration of their campaign. I always suggest a minimum of 6 months, although I can get results in 3, but 6-12 months is better. It is also possible to do a “once-off boost” for $X.XX but not really recommended.

Not all clients will get results with a low budget ie a website that is in a high competitive industry or a situated in a big city. Also not everyone needs to have a really high budget. A Proper SEO budget are dependant on location and keyword competitiveness. Allot of the time a website redesign is also needed… a nice addon

Organic SEO / e-Commerce SEO, like national or international SEO do require larger budgets

You could be earning a great passive income by only doing invoicing and payments each month, I do all the rest 😊

7 Local Mail

You could set me up with a mail on your domain for instance seo@yourdomain.com or heinrich@ it is up to you

8 Marketing

The quickest way to get SEO up and running is via email… send an email (I can help draft the mail) to your clients. I could also help setup Facebook and LinkedIn Sponsored Campaigns