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Rich Media Citations


Rich Media Citations South Africa


With my Rich Media Citation Service I create, it simulates a natural two-way conversation between yourself and your customers. I use the most popular content sharing sites where you would get a link and profile. Normally video syndication is first and will go out to around 20 video sites, then comes image and audio syndication to around 30 sites.
Most of the time with every video, image and audio site there is a 95% change I get a link AND citation! Of course structured citations are hugely important, but there is always other opportunities. Rich Media Citations are great for “over powering” your competition as very few people use these. Also another opportunity is to possibly get an extra spot in the top 10 positions on page 1, so effectively you will own 20% for your keyword (even 30% incl the Map Pack)

Finally a way to match and exceed in the Citation game!

Link building has always been a game of matching and exceeding, this simply means you should look at your competitors, match and then exceed what they do, this is why it is important to always keep doing SEO, even smaller campaigns. Once you stop your competitors might get ahead!

There is a limited number of traditional citation sites which means it can be difficult to exceed what the competition is doing and for this reason I have developed other services with great effect! For instance Google Cloud Links and Local Mini Sites

With this service, you’ll be getting links AND citations that I guarantee 99.9% of your competitors simply don’t have.


Here are 4 huge benefits of Rich Media Citations

• Link Building Services for Local Sites (yes not just citations)
• Citations that nobody else has
• Possibly grab an EXTRA spot nobody else has
• Local keyword Sniping

3-in-1 done for you service

Get video, local links and local citations all-in-one

Custom Script, Voiceover & Local Video

All custom written for you to approve first

Extra Backlinks

Rich Media Citations means extra 50 citations and extra 50 links