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Press Release Marketing


Press Release Marketing South Africa


So you might be asking, why would I need a Press Release?
Let me start by explaining exactly what Press Release Marketing is:
Press Releases as a Marketing Tool. Press releases originally were designed as a tool to communicate between company PR staff or public relations firms and the media. Nowadays Press Releases are hugely powerful as part of your link portfolio.

Press Releases are the standard for SEO (white hat). I can take your business or an event and turn it into a high-quality article called a Press Release.
Then I will seed this article through multiple, news distribution channels including the Lexis Nexis, Comtex, Associated Press & more. This, in turn, will be picked up by news outlets and then publish it on their sites and this will result in a allot of high quality, diverse links from authoritative, news sites.

These links bring trust, diversity and also authority to your backlink profile.

Once these news sites have picked up your press release you will get high DA links from domains or URL’s that has a DA or domain authority of 20-90+
You have just earned some authoritative and trustworthy links and this will in turn help with your rankings!
This is also a fantastic way to dilute your anchor text.

Above quality Press Release Marketing

One of the great things about my press distribution is that you’ll land links on high-quality domains from reputable news sources affiliates.

You can read more here on PR Marketing

High DA site 20-90+

Get high quality backlinks to push authority to your site

Link Diversification

Press Releases are a great way to dilute your anchor text

Increased Social Proof

Getting featured on multiple high DA sites give you more social proof as well