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Local Mini Sites


Local Mini Sites


Local SEO backlink building’s biggest problem is getting local relevant sites to link or talk about your website.
You solution, Local Mini Sites!

If it is possible through outreach, it can be very powerful for getting high sustainable rankings.

Local Mini Sites Explained!

Why Local “Mini” Sites work… “Local Relevance”!

This service are not a normal backlink service, it is also a “Co-Occurence” and “Co-Citation Service” for Local SEO

a Backlink  back to your website is put into each and every mini site, this is only part the strategy that makes this service so powerful.

It’s the “co-occurence”, “co-citation”, and local relevancy they push!

Co-Occurence: The presence, frequency and proximity of similar keywords across various websites.
Co-Citation: When one website or brand is mentioned but not linked.

Briefly the strategy for Local Mini Sites are: Piggybacking local news stories and adding commentary, mentioning 3rd party (non-competing) places or business, including embedded maps & driving directions from another local business or place of interest.


Local Relevancy

Make sure Google knows exactly where your business are


Increase local presence and proximity


Link building without links