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Local Citation and SEO Audit


Local Citation and SEO Audit


With any local business, your local citations needs to be really consistent, if not it can work against you. Once everything is 100% correct this alone can boost your business. I would always do an audit and fix errors with any new site. Starting with a SEO Audit, Citation Audit as well as a Website Audit all in one.

I scrape websites, do research and look for all citations out there. I look at inconsistencies, which are correct and which needs fixing and which are duplicates.

Once I have all this info I can proceed with planning your strategy, looking at which links to build, get your pages on-site SEO in order and move forward with a well planned campaign.

Citation Errors picked up

Get to know where all your citation errors are

On-Page planning

This also helps with getting your on-page SEO in place

Organic Boost in rankings

Correct citations means a natural boost