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Infographic Design and Distribution Service


Information + graphic = infographic


With this service I would do infographic design and also do distribution. Infographics typically use striking visual elements to present interesting information. The visualization of data directly taps into the brain and some studies have shown when you pair text and graphics it actually increases a person retaining information for longer.

When you use infographics it tends stay at the top of mind and are also used by big brands.

Infographics are not just nice to look at graphics, there is allot more to them. Infographics can seriously help your SEO and each year becomes more important.
Here are some stats that that can prove your ROI (return on investment) for infographics:
 56% of all humans learn visually, 50% of a human brain processes visually so that alone shows most of the information will be processed from only one image.

• 56% of business queried were using infographics for marketing and sales
• 84% of them say that infographics has proven to be extremely effective
• Infographics are shared 3 x as much as other types of content
• Infographics are shareable and linkable
• Creates additional inbound marketing opportunities
• Also helps with brand awareness

If you want to design your own infographic, follow this link

a Strategy not used by many SEO, but infographic design can really boost your campaign!

Easily scanned and viewed

As humans are highly visual, it is content that are easily digested

Can easily go viral

Due to it's visual attractiveness they easily go viral (or chances are higher)

Increases traffic

a Compelling infographic that is linked can drive traffic when people "click" or "share"

Increases your subscriber base

It can increase your overall engagement through "likes", "shares" or "comments" and people are more likely to follow you