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Google My Business Premium Posts


Inactive Google My Business Premium Posts?


This service delivers a variety of posts to keep your Google My Business profile active, 4 times per week!


Does posting on Google My Business impact my search rankings?


According to a study done by SEJ (Search Engine Journal) around GMB are the effectiveness of posting on Google’s Platform, there is a definitive positive impact on a business rankings. Posting on GMB can also be a factor as to why people choose your business over a competitor.

Here is an interesting example:
You own pizza takeaway, business is quite, it is a late Tuesday afternoon and you know it is going to be a slow night. You decide to run a quick special from 3pm untill 10pm. Most people normally go and post these on they Facebook Pages with some results, and you now wait for customers to come streaming through the door, right?
You are really looking for customers with an intent to buy pizza that evening, not everyone follows your Facebook page but most people turn to Google for help…

Even if your restuarant shows up in search results, they still don’t know about your special and might go to another pizza parlour.
 Now if you also posted on GMB that special would show up in search results and chances of them visiting your store are much higher… and it is free marketing!

Easy to post

It is really easy to create GMB posts! (not always that easy to create content though)

More users reached

Reach more users directly through Google as posts also shows up quicker!

Be colourfull, be playfull and test new ideas

GMB are a great platform to test new ideas an be unique

SEO Benefits

GMB are of course a Google Property and Google loves people using their platform, posting regularly and you will be rewarded!

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