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Authority Builder Backlinks


High Quality Backlinks


Authority Building with High Quality Backlinks is a quick way of turning an average site into a brand authority site!

(before I go into detail)
I have successfully landed posts on these sites (few samples)
Bizcommunity, Business.com, Chamberofcommerce.com, Techgo, The Huffington Post, Tempo, Inc and many more!
(if you can include this service in your budget, these sites get’s you RANKED)

These combine the 2 T’s: Trustbank and Traffic
Google has been looking to favour brand rankings more over sites not as well known, so ideally you want your brand being mentioned by larger brands (makes sense right?) Of course you will also get more traffic from these sites (referral traffic) which will also help increase authority which in turn will increase rankings.
Please note this service doesn’t work with all sites, thin (ie little content), affiliate or “spammy” sites are not recommended.


What is a backlink?


The easiest way to explain, a backlink is any hyperlink pointing to your website (backlink), similar to a citation. This is someone talking about a similar topic that relates back to you or your products or services. It is a known metric used by Google and other Search Engines that would measure the value of a page. Other terminologies used are “inward links”, “inbound links” or “incoming links”

Linked text (or better known, “anchor text”) is normally bold or italic or underlined, also coloured, and can also be accompanied by an icon. So a link is clickable meaning you will be taken to the page the link is, well, linked to (or referenced)

It is important to note why backlinks are important, there are a number of reasons. Quantity and Quality plays a large role (nowadays quality is more important) where Google would determine your rankings. Of course, you want to rank as high as possible as the click % lowers when you go down page 1 and even less for page 2.




Why do Google care about backlinks?


When the internet was first born, Search Engines were very simple, they relied on keyword matching, regardless of the website content, popularity, or if there is actually any relation to the search (SEO was easy back then). Sample, if someone had a basic blog about… anything really, but had a discussion on how to repair their motorbike, they were likely to be ranked, but not really useful for a search.

SEO’s and website owners then started doing “keyword stuffing” throwing any content on the page, with plenty of keywords and flashy banners, just to rank and make money of advertising and yes it did work for a while

Some clients are able to build their own High Quality Backlinks, which could also save you money in the long run

I will advise if I think we could get results from Authority Building sites.

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Get almost instant authority

Editorial contextual backlinks

Increased Trust Rank

Get mentioned by larger authority sites

Extra avenue for traffic

Possibly get more referral traffic from these sites