As a new client of LSA a Local SEO Agency, I would like to welcome you on board. I really hope you enjoy your SEO Campaign as much as we do!


  1. Client Information
  2. Slack
  3. Trello
  4. SERanking
  5. Invoices
  6. Reporting
  7. Campaign Layout / Structure Month 1
  8. Month 2-6
  1. Client Information
    For Local SEO Campaigns (local business offering a service, local products or a physical store) you will need to fill in this form:
    All other campaigns, Organic or e-Commerce (Organic, any site looking to rank nationally or internationally, e-commerce is for an online store), please fill in this form:
    This is my standard “contact me” form, just send as much detail as possible, for everything else than Local SEO the questions I ask various allot so I prefer to send a custom questionnare.
    NOTE: From commencement, ie invoice settled for month one and info sent, each client has 21 days to help me get month 1 completed (the reason for this is I have started several campaigns and 3 months later month1 is still not completed because I am waiting on my client for more info / feedback etc)
  2. Slack
    Communication software between LSA Staff and also the client. Slack works in channels, each campaign we do has it’s own secure channel where my relevant staff can communicate securely with our clients.
  3. Trello
    Collaboration software, not used all that much but it is helpful for when the client needs to do some tasks and all progress can be monitored from here
  4. SERanking
    This is the software we use to track keyword ranking on Google. Each clients also gets a separate login, where you can login anytime to see progress. Rankings are updated once a week
    There is also a few other nice features included in the software. Rankings fluctuate same as any other “graph” it goes up and down depending on ALLOT of factors from Google, users on your site and so forth.
    Please remember SEO is a waiting game, most campaigns is between 6 months to 1 year, most companies still keep on going after a year. Do note with some campaigns we can already see a movement in rankings as early as month 2.
  5. Invoices
    Invoices are normally sent out around the 20th of each month, to be settled no later than the 1st of the new month (we are a business with cost and staff). Please note we do not sign a contract with a client. We determine a campaign length before we start, but for whatever reason a client needs to cancel, we do ask 14 days notice before month-end for SEO, PPC, LI Sponsored & FB Ads
    30 days notice for LI Leadstorm Campaigns
    I can take on new campaigns in any category up to the 15th of each month (meaning if you onboard and settle your invoice by the 15th I can still work within month 1). We do not bill per hour, we bill per calender month, regardless of the starting date, as each campaign has a set amount of work to do for that specific month regardless if it takes 6 or 20 hours to complete, I do whatever is necessary to make a campaign successfull)
  6. Reporting
    Monthly you will get 2 reports (after month 1). a Manual Report sent out by LSA explaining what we have done the previous month. Automated Report from SERanking (options for weekly reports for various stats are also possible). Please also remember at any time you can phone, Whatsapp, email me with any questions.
    1. Campaign Layout / Structure
      Month 1
      Google Properties x 2 or 3 (for Local SEO, Google My Business is added, non Local, no need for GMB)
      KW research
      Content Creation (if the budget allows for this)
      Location Page (only for local SEO)
  7. Month 2 – 6
    Have a look at the Local SEO Services LSA offers
    Of course only for Local SEO (normally a combination if different things I would do monthly for a campaign)
    For Organic and e-Commerce SEO I would’t do everything as per the above, see below other options.
    Please note when I plan a campaign, it normally changes monthly and I have a variation of  “SEO techniques” I would do according to the SERP Results.
    Budget Depending (a budget plays a huge role in what can be done and achieved to get ranked): Blogging / Contextual Link Building / Guest Posting / Booster Links / Blitz Links / Press Releases / Social Profiles / Social Signals / Basic Backlinks / Competitor Link Matching plus allot more