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How to use chatbots in your marketing strategy

The evolution of marketing is something sudden and impalpable on the short distance, but all too evident on the long distance.

Each tool is useful for developing a marketing strategy that evolves and becomes increasingly effective. An obvious example is to integrate the instant messaging platform “Messenger” on your website or eCommerce to increase the “connection” with our customers.

In this article, we will see how to insert Messenger in our ChatBot Strategy in a simple and effective way.

chatbot for facebook messenger

When we talk about ChatBots we need to know how it will be integrated, in all its parts, within a marketing strategy. And it is precisely for this reason that we are not talking about a simple ChatBot but of a real ChatBot Strategy.

The companies projected onto the market, when a technology becomes a trend, often try to make the most of this trend, perhaps to be the first to do so, but this implies the wrong use of this tool without thinking about how to make the most of it.

Messenger, among the various platforms, allows the integration of third-party apps to have a Bot that can respond to users’ questions in a “smart” way. The first access is therefore always via Messenger or Facebook in an organic or paid (as in the case of a sponsored content).

Facebook has presented the Customer Chat Plugin, which is a code generated in real-time that allows you to integrate, in websites or eCommerce, an interactive object with Messenger chat, amplifying its use.
While at the beginning it was active only in A / B Test mode (and above all not everywhere), the Customer Chat Plugin is now active for all Facebook Pages worldwide.
The technology, for a while, had focused on third-party tools that allowed the sending of messages from websites to Messenger accounts, but this implied that the dialogue was pushed on the application of instant messaging.

facebook chatbot

But today, thanks to the Customer Chat Plugin of Facebook, it will be possible to make a person interact from a website, writing directly in a box that duplicates the functionality of Messenger without ever leaving the website.

The development of this integration will allow to amplify the involvement of the people who are on our website, or on an eCommerce site.
Once requested and code obtained, it will be possible to customize a badge with the Messenger logo where we can decide the first welcome message to show visitors.

All this will increase our visibility and all those who contact us through messaging will view the contents of our sites more frequently. And then, at a later time, the people who contacted us will be profiled through a ChatBot.

A very interesting statistic is that there are about 1.3 billion people who use Messenger on a monthly basis, and of these, 15 million are active users in Italy.

The creation of the code is very simple and can be configured several times, with the aim of facilitating the generation of the code to be integrated into our website or eCommerce.

Let’s see all the most important points.
1) At the beginning of the configuration, we are asked to select the language of the plugin, insert Italian (example).

2) You can, immediately, customize the welcome message, so we insert a greeting or a call to action with the aim of making the chat activate.

3) We set an indication of the average response time among those available.

4) And if we want we can change the color of the badge with the Messenger logo to the color of our preference.

5) Facebook will then propose to use the code to be integrated into our website or eCommerce immediately after the tag so as to activate the chat messenger on first access. If we have more links, insert them into the appropriate box, otherwise the plugin will not work.

This is the clearest example of how a simple Plugin can offer enormous possibilities of integration of Messenger within our digital space by exiting a dedicated App or Facebook.