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6 Hacks for website content that sells

Content is communication when it comes to digital marketing. If you are advertising a product, for example, people will want to know more about it. What you say in the product description is what will arouse the interest of potential buyers or turn them off. Having your business presence online is one of the main factors that influence your growth. However, what do you tell your readers and potential customers? Here are six ideas.

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1. The choice of keywords

Keywords are the main words that pass a message across. Many businesses and writers have a problem when it comes to the choice of keywords for the simple reason that they try to meet the standard requirements. In as much as the density should be at most 3%, how are you placing them within the content? In critical places: they should be part of the title, appear in the introductory paragraph as well as the meta description, if any, and at the end of the content, before the call to action.

2. Lifelong content

When doing website content marketing, write content aimed to help readers and customers to find solutions to their problems. The content should not be useful just at the time of writing. When writing something to be posted online, keep in mind the fact that you are a potential source for future writers. Ask yourself if the content will still be useful to someone who will read it a year later. Lifelong content helps your site stand out from the crowd.

3. The readability score of your writing

Think about your audience when writing your content. You can find all the information you need online, if you have any questions about the readability score or how to calculate it. Most importantly, the audience determines the readability score of your content. For example, are you writing for parents, teenagers, consumers or writing for a kid’s website? Most importantly, ensure that the readers can easily understand the message you are passing across.

4. Backlinking

Great writers know what an excellent resource is. It is always a good idea to acknowledge the ideas of other authors if you are borrowing their ideas or even echoing on the same. Backlinking also helps people relate more easily with your site because it builds trust to know that you acknowledge your sources of information. This is also a good marketing strategy because you may find other writers backlinking to your content or site. Backlinking can help authenticate your site depending on the number of visitors that visit your site and actually read your content.

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5. Ensure the content is flawless

Be sure you go through your content before posting it or sharing it with the rest of the world. You must always remember that there are language experts out there who are also part of your readers as well as customers and consumers.  It is worth noting that they are likely to give negative feedback which you should take as positive criticism. However, someone may make a bad name for you for something you can avoid. Therefore, proofread your work. You may also consider the next point.

6. Investing in online tools

Proofreading your work can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are tired or have so much to do. You can invest in online proofreaders or online tools such as Grammarly and or Copyscape.  These are easier to navigate and use. You will need to subscribe, and you can always share the password with your fellow writers. They also send you weekly reviews of your writings. You, therefore, get to see your progress regarding language proficiency.

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