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3 Strategies That You Can Use to Boost Local SEO

3 Strategies That You Can Use to Boost Local SEO

According to a report by Review Trackers, out of every 100 local searchers, 14 will visit your business. In addition, 53% of the local searchers are more likely to visit the business within the next two days. These statistics mean that your business is missing out if it isn’t optimizing local search results.

Local SEO can help you gain an upper hand over large firms that tend to rely on brand recognition and focus on broad keywords to improve their online presence; local SEO allows you to pay attention to a specific target market.

Here are your 3 Strategies That You Can Use to Boost Local SEO

How you can Optimize Local SEO

1. By Encouraging Customer Reviews

Did you know that customer reviews can affect your rankings? A brand with a lot of reviews is likely to be ranked higher than one without any because search engine algorithms rank websites according to how interactive they are.

You can ask customers that visit your store how they liked your service. If they are happy with it, ask them to write a review on the website or their social media page. You should also expect negative reviews from a customer that was dissatisfied with what you had to offer them. Learn to thank those that praise you and politely respond to those that criticize your business.

3 Strategies That You Can Use to Boost Local SEO

2. By Creating Relevant Content

You don’t expect people living Cape Town to be concerned about news that’s happening in Swaziland or Botswana. Unless the news directly affects them, they won’t be interested. Therefore, learn to create local SEO content that’s related to whatever is happening around you.

When writing blog posts for your website, you should touch on events that have been happening in the local area. By doing that, you can gauge the interest of your readers, improve traffic, and increase the number of conversions.

3 Strategies That You Can Use to Boost Local SEO

3. By Focusing on Local Keywords

Then, include those keywords in your meta descriptions and headers to improve your organic search result rankings.  

People are influenced by their environment. As a result, keywords differ according to geographical location. When doing your research, make sure that you focus on finding local keywords.

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