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Google My Business


Local SEO


Hyper Local Citations

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Keyword Research

What are your customers searching for?

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On-Page Optimization

Let me get your site Google ready!

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Citation Building

Get your business on all the important directories and data aggregators.

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Organic Rankings

Let Google rank your site the way it deserves, a great investment in your business

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Keyword Tracking

Get full software access updated every Sunday to see how well your keywords performed.

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Monthly Reporting

Get reports every month on work done also with a progress overview.

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    Your Seo Score?

    Check your website’s SEO problems for free!

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    Work Flow

    My Working Process

    I enjoy adapting my strategy to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of Local SEO.

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    Keyword Research

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    Let me help you get more local clients!

    Below are some of the premium services I offer!


    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Let’s start with one simple fact: your business needs a social media presence.

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    Google My Business Premium Posts

    Inactive Google My Business Premium Posts?   This service delivers a variety of

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    Infographic Design and Distribution Service

      Information + graphic = infographic   With this service I would do

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    Hyper Local Citation Services

      Hyper Local Citation Services   Hyper Local Citation Services are part of

    Read More

    Big Citations

    Big Citations South Africa   Big Citations focuses on must have citations and

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    Rich Media Citations

      Rich Media Citations South Africa   With my Rich Media Citation Service

    Read More
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      Free SEO Analysis

      By checking this, you agree to my Terms and Privacy policy

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      Free SEO Analysis

      Be on the Top & Get More Traffic to Your Website

      Who is Local SEO for:

      • Anyone, anywhere in the world that owns a local business that provides services or has a brick and mortar shop
      • Some of my clients includes Plumbers, Electricians, Photographers, Sport Shops, Attorneys, Doctors to name a few
      • Local SEO are a great investment with a high ROI!
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      Recent Works

      Recent Rankings

      This clients ranks really well in the Map Pack, multiple keywords are positions 1 and 2 and even their Facebook Page, some keywords not yet on page one already ranks well in the Map Pack as well!

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      Domain Authority

      I increased my clients Domain Authority (DA) from 3 to 50! DA are hugely important for Rankings! You can read more on the Moz blog about Domain Authority: https://moz.com/learn/seo/domain-authority

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      Active Clients

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      Locations Optimised

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      Projects Done

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      Coffees per day

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      Blog Posts

      Latest Blog Posts

      View some of my blog posts for more information on Local SEO

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