• What does Local SEO mean?

    It is a branch of SEO concentrating on local business helping a client find your business. It gives your website more exposure by displaying it more prominently on local search result pages and also maps.

  • What is organic SEO?

    It could be seen as the opposite as Local SEO as it gives you national or international results for a search term so effectively not relevant to a local business.

  • What is E-commerce SEO?

    Simply put it is for any website selling a product online and SEO can be optimized for Local Results or to display nationally or internationally.

  • How does SEO improve my business?

    It increases your chances of getting in the top (preferably 3 for the map pack and a normal search) results for a search query, the higher you the rank the more leads or sales you gain.

  • What is keyword research?

    With this process I look at the keywords and location combination you would like to rank for and then do research to see how difficult / costly that would be according to my KW Research Tools I use.

  • What is On-Page SEO?

    This process is looking at each page of your website to see if it has been correctly setup for search engines to know what you would like to rank for and make sure your pages are "optimized" so they stand a better chance of ranking higher in the SERP's (search engine result pages).

  • If my site ranks well should I still invest in SEO?

    Short answer, yes. a SEO budget can always decrease, or even increase. But SEO are not static, even if you rank well and want to go onto a lower budget, you should still keep on doing SEO, your competitor might be starting a campaign or Google changes their algorithm, so a constant SEO campaign will always be important.

  • Do you do SEO for the same niches in the same location?

    I do SEO for any niche (few exceptions), but not the same niche in the same location at the same time, as this would be a conflict of interest. I would however if a customer has stopped a campaign completely, do SEO for another customer, 3 months after the previous campaign has stopped in the same location.

  • How do I track LSA's SEO efforts?

    All clients are provided with 2 monthly reports, normally within the 1st week of the new month. One report are sent manually and the other are sent by the software I use. Each client also get's a login for SERanking where you yourself can keep an eye on the stats like your keyword rankings, competitor rankings plus allot of other nice features!

  • Are rankings guaranteed?

    Unfortunately not, anyone saying they guarantee results will most likely damage your business (in the form of black hat SEO techniques, where you get quick results but generally get penalized by Google), the reason for that is not even Google can guarantee results as their algorithm (the process they use to decide which site ranks higher) are made up of around 200 factors and the end choice is really dependand on your site and user interaction (remember Google are all about it's customers and their experience so they try to drive the best results forward). Any SEO strategy are a best effort service and is also dependant on your budget, generally the more you are able to spend the more time and resources can be allocated to your campaign. The one guarantee I always give clients are that regardless of your budget, I put in 100% effort, plus allot of years worth behind me generally produces really good results!